Episode 14 – What Comes After Tuna?

Nick talks about the pain of moving because of his advanced age (but not really because of age). Kirsten educates Nick on the word of the day: trick bag. Fears of using Tik Tok leads to a discussion of the Dance Epidemic of 1518. Nick and Kirsten also listen to a voice message from Vanessa QA regarding Kirsten’s case of the ‘Kamala’. Nick lets some sensitive info slip (pardon the bleeps).

Links for reference:

Trick Bag Definition

Dancing Plague of 1518

PBA Info

Red And White Comedy Poster

Episode 13 – BRUH!

Nick and Kirsten discuss who says what the news is, mysterious sources. The intellectual WWE of modern-day politics, root flies and certain words that make people sick and the occasional reference of reptile people. (best listened to while high)

Link to the Reptile People Speculation: 

Read at your own risk, posted for entertainment value. Always Interrupted and Curcio Creatives gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility or liability for the accuracy, or the completeness of the information and materials contained in this article. Alien demonology: the Christian roots of the malevolent extraterrestrial in UFO religions and abduction spiritualities by Christopher Partridge

Episode 12 – A Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle Inside an Enigma

Nick and Kirsten decide on downloading Tik Tok after a bout of FOMO but worry they may not keep up with technology because of their age. Nick explains where allergies come from, track pants, not being able to talk in school and their shared love of Oprah. Nick and Kirsten also thank their fans for their continuous support. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for listening and reading!

JFK (3/7) Movie CLIP – A Mystery Wrapped in a Riddle Inside an Enigma (1991) HD (Watch)

16 Personalities Test (Link)

Kirsten’s Personality TypeAdvocate (INFJ-T)
Traits: Introverted – 98%, Intuitive – 83%, Feeling – 57%, Judging – 65%, Turbulent – 81%
Role: Diplomat
Strategy: Constant Improvement

Nick’s Personality TypeThe Mediator (INFP-T)
Traits: Introverted – 94%, Intuitive – 68%, Feeling – 57%, Prospecting – 54%, Turbulent – 56%
Role: Diplomat
Strategy: Constant Improvement

Episode 8 – Doomsday Initiative

Nick & Kirsten discuss what they would do if they had 12 hours to live and if deepfake holograms were real. Kirsten opens up about her dislike of some mob movies and Michael Bay; Nick considers the ability to time travel one day while speculating about a Timeflix app.