Holy crap

… life is crazy, right? Yeah, they know. Join Nick & Kirsten as they discuss the ups and downs of life, ghosts, food and pure ‘randomosity’ (if you haven’t noticed already) through casual, comical banter.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The dynamic between Nick and Kirsten is very entertaining. They talk about whatever they want and I want to hear it. The production value is very high and I’m having fun listening. Subscribed

— greasy satchel

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hilarious show! My sides hurt from laughing during every episode.

— greg-azdevilyj

Latest Episode

Episode 15 – Wet Dreams May Come

Nick and Kirsten listen to a message from Lou, discuss the Olympics, plague masks vs. regular masks, the murder house they never bought, the universal sign of demonic possession and memories about basements.

Episode 14 – What Comes After Tuna?

Nick talks about the pain of moving because of his advanced age (but not really because of age). Kirsten educates Nick on the word of the day: trick bag. Fears of using Tik Tok leads to a discussion of the Dance Epidemic of 1518. Nick and Kirsten also listen to a voice message from Vanessa QA regarding Kirsten’s case of the ‘Kamala’. Nick lets some sensitive info slip (pardon the bleeps).


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